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Welcome to the World of Technology

We are a digital company having expertise in innovating, designing and producing digital experiences that clients and employees love to use. We encourage our clients to discover, design and implement opportunities to use digital technologies to enhance their business.

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Dedicatedly Working to Bring Change

Across Verticals

  • Food Processing Industry
  • FMCG
  • Crusher & RMC Plant
  • Educational Institutes
  • Government Domain
  • Office

Food Processing Industry

Pioneer Bakery Products Manufacturers & Dairy Plants are using this ERP to manage their widespread business. BizIntel is a well proven ERP system, covering end to end IT processes related to the Food Processing Industry.


FMCG Companies

Managing scaled franchisee networks, supply chain management, handling logistics, mapping market trend and generating business insights are the key areas where we perform with our BizIntel FMCG ERP and help organisations to maximize customer value and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Crusher & RMC Plant

Remotely located crushers and RMC plants are now very easy to manage & control from city / office locations. Plant owners can establish superb control over each process, from Order management to Accounts and from excavation to Dispatch, with the help of Mobile app based BizIntel Crusher ERP.


Educational Institutes

Maintaining & improving NAAC, NBA & other accreditations are very essential quality education. Our BizIntel Educational ERP enables educational institutes to not only manage enrollment, admissions, students, faculties, attendance, fees, and library but also it will help you maintain and improve accreditation grades seamlessly.


Government Domain

We are having experience and expertise to build GIGW compatible, VAPT Cert In audited IT solutions using advanced web & mobile development technologies. We work very closely on IT initiatives taken by States & Central government departments in order to bring change in existing systems.


Office Automation

Corporate Offices, CA firms, Machining Industries & other typical businesses need some common systems for Task Management, HR & Payroll Management, Workflow Management, Performance Appraisal etc for managing & growing their business seamlessly. Contact us for a free demo of our systems.

Passionate and committed

Why Choose Us

  • 01. Bringing New Perspective

    Due to our Research based approach, Logical thinking and Good domain experience we always bring New Perspectives and Ideas on the table.

  • 02. Solution Architecture

    We blend and shape More Than One Technology, as per requirement, to design scalable solution.

  • 03. Value Addition is Key

    In any project “Value Addition” for customer is our main motto, because of this ROI of our systems is less than a year.

  • 04. Systematic and Result Oriented Work

    Software development is an art and science too. We follow definite Systematic Process hence our Project Delivery Rate is 98%.

  • 05. Timely Customisation and Dedicated Support

    Just developing good system is Not Enough. Software is a dynamic entity, so Timely Customisation and Dedicated Support is important to deliver Actual Value to customers.


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