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As per Standish Group survey research, just 39% of IT projects succeeded and remain sustainable. 18% failed, and other 43% face difficulty (late, over budget or less than the required features and functions), isn't it shocking. There are multiple reasons behind this, statistically it is well explained in Multiple reasons behind this is well explained in table below. We at ATS do follw definite processes to encounter these issues. Lets talk about your requirement..

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ATS team of IT Consultants will help you

  • To understand your actual need of an hour.
  • To set your expectations right.
  • To design a thoughtful system, considering best use of latest technologies.
  • To articulate project schedule as per your business priority.
  • To get the right people for right job.
  • To extend help in crisis and maintain communication for faster implementation.
  • To enhance your profit & produtivity by saving your time, building right & delivering in-time system and avoiding possible failuares.
Project Impaired Factors % of the Responses
Incomplete Requirements 13.1
Lack of User Involvement 12.4
Lack of Resources 10.6
Unrealistic Expectations 9.9
Lack of Executive Support 9.3
Changing Requirements & Specifications 8.7
Lack of Planning 8.1
Didn’t Need it Any Longer 7.5
Lack of IT Management 6.2
Technology Illiteracy 4.3
Others 9.9

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