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Why Custom Developed ERP Solutions?

Every business is unique in its nature, hence adopting commonly available general ERP solutions, many times don't suit perfectly to core business needs in detail and we need to make many compromises in setting up controls and system implementation.

Domain specific custom and specialised ERP, has already proven themselves as a great backbone of businesses at large. We at ATS have developed industry specific specialised ERP solutions for multiple business domains. Our solutions are specific, secured, fully access controlled, customisable in nature and also backed by dedicates support to overcome dynamic business needs in long run. Hence these ERP solutions have proven themselves as best suited ERP solutions available in the market.

Selection of right ERP solution & team behind it, is one of key success factor in business growth. ATS ERP built with the aim to provide IT platform for same. With patience and a few key skills you can create the ultimate controlling, workflow optimization, and management system that will help make your firm the lean, mean and profit-making machine that you always envisioned.

ERP Development Guiding Principles

  • Web Based
  • Comprehensive
  • Scalable
  • Fully Customisable
  • Ease of Operation
  • Highly Secure
  • Strong MIS
  • User Friendly
  • Integrated Mobile App
  • Dedicated Support

Customise ERP Development Services

  • BizIntel ERP - Food Products Manufacturer

    This is Food Industry Manufacturing specific fully comprehensive ERP. BizIntel - FM covers all systems required for Manufacturing Setup, its Production, Multi Level Stock Management, Dispatch till Retail Shop Management as End Point.

  • Franchisee Network Distribution Business

    BizIntel - NM, focuses on Distribution and Trading Business needs in detail. BizIntel - NM covers all needful automation for Traders Business including Online Ordering, Tracking of Sales Executive, Multi Level Stocks, Billing, its Supply Chain and Logistics.

  • Crusher / RMC Plant Management System

    Online Monitoring of Remotely located Crusher / RMC plant and other multiple business processes associated with it, is easily possible with the help of BizIntel - CRMC solution. Plant loading, Production (WIP), CRM - Lead to Order Tracking, Special app for Sales Executive are key coverages of this solution.

  • Workflow Management

    BizIntel - WM is specially designed for Scaled, Multi Location CA Firms, Accounting Firms and Other Businesses Firms. Auto Generated Tasks with Custom Iteration, its End to End tracking, Visibility to only Assigned Members and Fantastic Analytics of all above scattered data are key features of this solution.

  • HREasy Plus - HR & Payroll Management System

    This comprehensive BizIntel - HR, automates all processes from Employee Enrollment to its Full & Final Settlement. USP of this ERP is, ability to manage your multi-companies, multi-location, multi-salary and multi-leave structured business with distinctive rules in Single Solution.

  • Industrial Inventory & Stores Management System

    Engineering / Manufacturing industries always have typical Inventory & Stores Requirements. This BizIntel - IM manages all business specific Inventory and Stores related unique needs in a single solution with fantastic collaboration of various stakeholders.

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