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Food Products Manufacturer

BizIntel ERP Enables Organizations to streamline multiple processes from Order Management to Billing & Logistics and from Material Procurement to Inventory and Accounting. BizIntel is a proven ERP, working as a strong backbone across the Bakery business vertical.

Growing organizations clearly understood the importance of ERP in the competitive business era for Business Scaling, Effective Management & Improved Profitability. Going beyond purchasing ERP, now growing organizations would like to have Dedicated & Flexible IT Support Team to make changes in ERP to address Dynamically Changing Business Needs, to improvise Data Analytics & to make faster corrective ecisions based on FACTS & FIGURES.

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Why Bizintell?

Every business is a “Leaky Bucket,” and most of those leaks can be fixed—if we are willing to change our mindsets and lead our business a little differently!

Revenue Leakage Profit Leakage Brand Leakage
Not having Existing Customer’s Centralised Database. Experimenting on Gut Feelings (without checking Facts & Figures). Unable to maintain “Brand Experience” to Customer.
Missed Strategy / Upselling Opportunity. Replicating Inefficient Processes & Procedures. Lack of Training to ensure brand can deliver “Brand Deliverables”.
Unmonitored Profitability. Monitoring Wrong Numbers. Ineffective advertising.
Manual Errors / Data Entry Mistakes. Raw, Semi Finished and Finished goods wastage & Plant Down Time. Fail to capture “Customer’s Unique Needs”.
Unchecked Generous Discounts. Poor control over Supplier Pricing. Absence of system to catch “Customer Feedback” & to solve “Customer Grievances” on Priority.

If you are concerned about mentioned leakages and growing profit then, BizIntel will not just help you to identify leakages but it’s Strong Checks n Balances in system, and fully admin controlled nature helps to fix it more effectively, which ultimately results in Growing Revenue with Higher Profits.

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